2015-2018 - Ripple Effect Training helped worked alongside over 350 Alberta Human Services employees to develop great team approaches to working with a variety of clients in Provincial care.  Please contact us for reference contacts.  They can provide you with some insights into our training experience and quality.

"I would like to say 'Thank- you' for the training on Friday. I found the home support were
engaged and listening. I feel they left the course with some tools in their toolbox. 
Anyway, going forward I’d like to think the staff will actually try some of your suggestions or
at least keep in mind your teachings. The training was excellent!!!" 
Michener Services, Program Coordinator for PDD home, 2019

Reference Letter - Find out how our customers feel


"I really enjoyed the course and felt comfortable thanks!!"  Darrel - Foster Parent

"Awesome!  Thanks"  Andrea - Foster Parent

"I felt that Shawn was an excellent presenter.  I actually enjoyed a class!!!" - Kim - Case Worker

"Quick pace and lots of practical repetition."  - Susan - Group Home Support Staff

"I feel confident with handling myself and others in violent situations using the least invasive possible way." - Yvonne - Group Home Team Leader

"It was practical for anyone who would be confronted with situations that need to be controlled."   Grande Prairie

"Instructors were very knowledgeable and patient with us. It was fun and comfortable being in class." Calgary

"I feel this particular course should definitely take place every year."  Red Deer

"Good presentation offered in a non-judgmental environment." Grande Prairie

"I really liked the way the instructors took the time to explain everything and also took the time to answer everyone's questions and show everyone to do evasive moves."  Red Deer

"I like the in-depth explanation of each step and why it is done that way." Edmonton

"This course will help me in ways that will make my job easier and make my work more professional."  Rocky Mountain House

"Awesome! Great course." Red Deer

"The repetition helped when doing the actual restraints. This was a very fun course to take."  Calgary

DAV Course - Calgary - April 20

"Very enthusiastic, easy to follow!"

"This course was very good and our instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly."

"Very knowledgeable instructor:  Thanks so much for coming to teach us!  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!"

"Very helpful.  I feel more confident about having kids at home."

"I learned a lot - especially hands-on-training."

"Great course plenty of practical knowledge and very involving."

"Very helpful and so interesting, Thankyou!"

Ethos Echo - Chestermere - February 3

"I came expecting more about different ethnic groups, but was glad to learn of something broader that can be used in all of our situations.  This knowledge could be applied not just for working with various ethnic groups, but to various populations in general."

"I came into the course thinking I was learning about different cultures - ie.natives, Asian, etc, but yet I came out understanding that there is so much more to cultures than I ever thought.  Thank you!"

"Good course.  Helped me think about things differently."

"Interesting course - lots to take away from this."

"I applaud & appreciate the presentation of 'culture' as something every individual has that is separate from heritage."

"A great presentation - on such an important topic.  It's nice to be validated for instilling change (positive) for the community.  Knowing that it takes time but all our efforts make a difference."

"I have a different perspective on 'culture' which will definitely be a benefit to me in my relationships with clients."

"Very useful information and resources, good tips and suggestions."

We enjoy providing enjoyable and effective training.  Thanks for all your feedback.  If you are looking for training and would like to call one of our customers, please let us know and we can give a reference in your area!