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Shawn Hubert is the Certified Trainer for Ripple Effect Training.   

Shawn has spent over 21 years working in and serving non-profit organizations and for profit organizations.  Providing leadership, counseling for those in crisis emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and physically.  He has a BTh degree specializing in religion, small group interactions and leadership.  Along with a strong focus in his career on communication, teaching, leadership development and counselling he brings a balanced and effective presentation to every course he teaches.
Shawn was recently the Program Coordinator of the Heritage Transitional Housing Program with the Homeless Initiative in Red Deer, Ab.  He was instrumental in starting the program in the fall of 2007, where  he was able to get some great hands on experience working with more crisis situations.  He also took on the staff development coordinator role for a large child and families services company based in Red Deer from 2007-2011.  Shawn spent time training and developing courses for staff working with High Risk Youth and Children.  He has a private leadership development company providing staff development training in the Human Services Field,  Corporations of all sizes, and Non-Profit Organizations.  Shawn is also contracted by several other companies to train their staff on an ongoing basis.  He is certified trainer for two Suicide Intervention Courses, Self-Harm Crisis Intervention, Restraint Training, Crisis De-escalation, and Fitness Instruction, Shawn has been teaching and speaking now for 20+ years, and regularly communicates to audiences from 10 people to 2,500 people.  He is comfortable with any size audience and is passionate about making communication something to be enjoyable as well as effective for learning.  

Some of the highlights of his career have been:
  • Taking teens on experience trips to Mexico, Thailand, and Burkina Faso.  
  • Developing a youth version of a sports bar called The Edge, where youth could be safe from bullying, negative peer pressure and interact with caring adults.  
  • Hosting and teaching leadership development conferences for 100-125 area influencers in Central Alberta called "The Ripple Effect." from 2004-2006.  
  • Guest speaking at several youth and family camps
  • Spending a year (2009-10) in a mentorship program with Alberta Health Service in order to teach others how to work with and counselling clients with addictions.
  • Teaching over 1,000 Haitian leaders and young adults from 2013-2016 in Grand Groave, Haiti.  As well as leading teams of people into Haiti to help serve over these years.  Plans to go back in 2017 to help in rebuilding after the last Hurricane.
  • 2016 Shawn was rewarded with a Pro Card in Fitness Model Catagory at the UFE World Championships in Toronto. 
  • 2018 Shawn has started to develop plans within the country of Honduras.  We are currently developing a leadership retreat center and low income housing programs within a Sambo Creek, Honduras. 

Areas of interest are leadership development, classroom training and large group motivational speaking.  He enjoys riding street bikes, dirt bikes,snowboarding, wake boarding,  playing competive volleyball, competivive fitness competitions, and training in kickboxing & self-defense and most of all spending time with his family including his wife and 3 teenagers.  Shawn loves to get the most out of life, and inspire others to live life to the fullest!

In regards to Crisis Intervention:
"In my time working with high risk population groups I have been threatened with my life on several occasions, I have learned lots about the importance of de-escalation!  Without these tools you can turn a minor argument into a life and death situation.  We live in a fragile culture today, you never know when your interaction will be the last disappointment or frustration a person can handle.  Be prepared, the unexpected could be around the corner!"

"The stress that people are dealing within our society from day to day can sometimes be overwhelming.  We often miss people who are in crisis because we don't always take the time to be 'available and present' with our friends, co-workers, and  family.  Simple tools of listening, and knowing how to guide a conversation can bring someone hope again.  Hope is really the best gift we can give to a person in need.  To bring hope we don't need to have amazing abilities & techniques, sometimes we just need to be available."

Currently Ripple Effect Training is active in supporting children and families in the small community of Sambo Creek, Honduras.  We are currently raising funds to support a family who is unable to afford housing in their community.  We have purchased a piece of property and will begin building low income housing as funds become available.  50% of all the training fees are directly used to make a positive for the Sambo Creek community in Honduras.

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