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Mission:  We believe that every individual has a dynamic influence on their clients, customers, family, workplace, community and world.  Therefore we are focused on providing effective and engerized training for people of influence in workplaces throughout Canada.

As a ripple is created by the impact of one water drop; so the passion, attitude, values, and beliefs of our employees ripple outward into work environments.  Every interaction we have leaves either a positive or negative influence on those we encounter.  These interactions propel us on a path of either positve results or negative results.  We must own the ripple effect that we cause as we work with people.

Ripple Effect Training is committed to help all staff understand the vital role they play in 
organizational success by understanding their personal ripple effect in day to day interactions with clients, customers, or other employees.  The training is based on life principles, not on techniques which only relate to workplace environments.  Therefore your employees will find many benefits from the time spent learning in our courses.